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Why everybody so dislikes McDonald’s? When I return home from the work I quite often eat there because it’s just near the metro station I use and so is right on my way home. And it’s fast and not so expensive. For 180 rubles I can eat enough not to feel hunger till the next morning when I wake up and go for a work. If I eat in the restaurants it takes my time and mostly expensive or not so substantial if I do not want to spend lots of money. Menus à prix fixe are typically available only at the day and cost around 130-250 rubles, the same time they are not so substantial as in McDonald’s of the same price. If I prepare food myself it takes much more time, and thus I typically waste an evening on it, this is not convenient too. I have another fast food restaurant near my home – FasTop, the prices there are less then in McDonald’s (around 150 rubles to be full) and it sometimes works, but the food there is not so tasty. McDonald’s always works for me, so what’s wrong with it? Why you dislike it? It seems to be another kind of holly war.

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