Lunch in the Library of Academy of Science

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 17.10.07 16:26

Last time I tend to lunch in the dining room of the Library of Academy of Science. There are always a lot of students from the nearby humanitarian university. And the topics they discuss during the lunch are … oh my brain. Today a girl from psychological faculty was explaining to her classmates her views on the problems of happiness. She said that she is evil and egoistical and does not want to be good to anybody, so she investigates the question only from abstract perspective. I only partially understood what she said, almost all words were known to me, but when they combine in phrases no meaning appears in my head. And this seem to be only first-year student, cause the question of love is yet difficult to her, I guess it’s studied on higher grades.

And how dumb we fill when we come there and discuss our mercantile and not fundamental at all issues of database clustering and ETL processes. Great, I have found a nice place to satisfy my physiological requirements along with mental abstractions and my life is deprived by one aspect less.

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