Food at Home (Real Data, Week One)

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Week ago I have started an experiment to find out what is a real cost of having dinner at home. Now I track the time spent for perparing dinner at home. For the last week this looks like

15.10 Pasta Carbonara (27 minutes, 50 rubles)
16.10 Pancakes (14 minutes, 20 rubles)
17.10 Cutlets with French potato (40 minutes, 30 rubles)
18.10 Croissants (no preparation needed, 40 rubles)
19.10 My girlfriend prepared food (no data)
20.10 My girlfriend prepared food (no data)
21.10 I have visited McDonald’s for comparsion (15 minutes, 130 rubles)

Prices are estimated to match the actual amount consumed.
Prices do not include costs of drinks, species and oil.

Ok, for the past week I have spend just 81 minutes over 4 days (20 minutes daily average) and 140 rubles total (35 rubles daily average). For McD it’s 15 minutes and 130 rubles daily. So, as for the last week, it appeares that preparing food at home is very favourably (I daily safe 100 rubles average), but little more time consuming (5 minutes daily average).

I will continue this experiment, cause on 18.10 I was rather tired and just took some croissants with milk, this affects time results much. However everything looks clear with money savings. Let’s gather more data next week.

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