Porkkala Ride, Nov 17

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Last weekend , and did a 60km trip around Porkkala region west from Espoo, Finland. Originally planned 90km ride was shorten due to some circumstances, however anyway we got a lot of fun there.

Looks like a real winter, that day was surprisingly nice, around -4°C in spite of the next and previous days temperatures above zero when everything is going to melt:

Finnish Gulf and some small rapid at freezing point:

Our staff at work:

Vårnäsin silta (the only construction built by soviet army during the lease of Porkkala territory from Finland) is being renovated and available for human-powered traffic only, a temporary pontoon-bridge exists for motor cars:

Monument of 60 years since return of Porkkala region:

Finalization of the trip, the next day evening two hours before departure back to Saint-Petersburg (Aussie Bar, Helsinki),
yeah, it was around 6 month after I returned from Scotland and I now can drink Guinness again outside the United Kingdom:

Thanks to anybody participated in the trip, organizing a sauna event and sharing the fun with us.

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More photos are available:


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