Finnish Phone Number Unavailability

Travel Notes,Finland — Антон Марчуков @ 27.11.07 16:04

Damn capitalists has disabled my Finnish sim card and it no more can log in to network, so

My Finnish phone number +3 585 092 49037 is no longer available

I have lost around 10€ that was already prepaid and remained on my phone account. The idea is that with the terms I have to charge my balance each 6 month, or they can reuse my phone number whenever I actually use it or not. The only way I can reliably charge it is to buy a scratch card, the minimal cost of a scratch card is 20€ and it’s damn difficult for me to spend so much money in 6 month in Finland, cause I do not live there. And more damn is that if I will buy a new sim card I will soon lose it the same way or will have to deposit my money each 6 month on their account (sure, they will not secure it) without any plan to spend them all and with great perspective to lose the rest again.

Unhappy me, I always complained about damn banks, so now I gonna start posting about damn mobile network operators.

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