The Lisbon Treaty: Soviet Union is Alive Again

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Soviet Union is alive again, but now it’s called European Union:

Originally called the Reform Treaty, it was drawn up to replace the draft European constitution after that was thrown out by voters in France and the Netherlands in 2005. All 27 EU countries will be expected to ratify the Treaty in 2008 with a view to it coming into force in 2009.

Q&A: The Lisbon Treaty, BBC News

Nice is that, the modified constitutional draft is accepted without any referendum , I need to remember that the previous draft of constitution was dropped due to failure on referendums in France and Netherlands, currently it’s called a treaty (not constitution) so they are not going to put it on referendum. But who cares about those endings? If you will read that BBC article or The Treaty Text you will found that it’s almost the same as previous constitution, just named some other way.

Along with we even have proposed a new name for this union – EUSSR.

It’s interesting in which time some countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be complaining about European Occupation? The history returns again.

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