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= NetmailArea (2:5030/1171.30) ================================== NetmailArea =
 Msg  : 1 of 1                              Snt Loc
 From : Anton Martchukov                    2:5030/1171.30  22 Dec 07  01:13:08
 To   : AreaFix                             2:5030/1171     22 Dec 07  01:13:14
 Subj : софт астрое, спасибо за поита
Bonan Nokton, AreaFix!

I want to tell you, that I am back in Fido again. The flat I have rent,
it has the phone line and I pay for it, the payment includes 1,5 hours of
local calls. That would not be wise not to use it, especially since I use
GPRS for internet connections (I am just lazzy to sign up for a leased

So, now I am 2:5030/1171.30, thanks to my boss for providing the point 

Now it is time to drink the cup of farewell, AreaFix.

--- GoldED+/LNX
 * Origin: BPS - Beer per second (2:5030/1171.30)

And I am not an idiot, actually I did not sent that message to AreaFix cause I do not tend chatting with robots. But I can confirm that I am in Fido again.

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