Lost Credit Card Day

Uncategorized — Антон Марчуков @ 17.01.08 13:44

January 15th 2008 was the first day in my life when I have lost credit card. I remember that I have withdrawn cash from the ATM the night from 14 to 15 after that I did not looked for the card and noticed it yesterday. I have called to my bank’s customer support center, but there were no available operators at the moment I have placed a request to call back, but got a call only today in the morning. Their call center appeared to be not working tonight at all. The card was blocked by SMS service, but the confirmation SMS have arrived only this morning also. I have checked transactions and located the ATM I used last time, but the owner bank said that my card was not captured by that ATM. I do not know where is it and how I have lost it, seems to be either a mystic or somebody just taken my card out of the ATM when I left. Ok, I will just pay a penalty and the card will be reissued. Just to track that it was the first time I ever lost credit card in my life.

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