Salmiakkikoskenkorva with Milk – New Mix

Finland — Антон Марчуков @ 21.01.08 13:38

Yesterday we have invented a new mix. I will not be saying about mixing Vana Tallinn with milk that is rather known already, but have you tried to mix salmiakkikoskenkorva and milk? We have and we must say that it is extremely wonderful drink with great taste and nice color:

Salmiakkikoskenkorva with milk mix
Täällä me olemme sekoittaneet salmiakkikoskenkorvaa maitoon, ja tämä sekoitus on suurenmoinen.

Also, we have tried to mix milk with just licorice root syrup from nearby pharmacy and this receipt works great too, it is more sweet than with salmiakkikoskenkorva and needless to say that it is cheaper.

If this was not already invented before than copyright for those mixes goes to and with great thanks to for inspiration.

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