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I know that Australia is the country where kangaroo lives. Now I know much more, looking for co-location possibility I have found some web site sublimeip.com and placed the request there, this is what I have received back and what I have answered:

> While we can provide co-location in all the sites you have requested
> the cost of co-locating your own server would be prohibitive we
> believe so we may have a different proposal for you.
> As you are clearly interested in programming and languages which are
> of interest to our business we could offer you a dedicated server in
> exchange for your programming services.
> The server would most likely be located in Riga, Latvia and would
> give you around 200Gb of free international traffic.
> If you are interested could you kindly give us some more information
> about your general programming/computer knowledge and perhaps some
> examples of things you have done.

This may or may not be interesting to me depending on the actual scope of work.
Currently we rent a dedicated server in Germany for 49€ per month, the cost of
co-location of one unit at the same data center is 29€. I can hardly imagine what
programming services I can offer to you for this price.

Hope, I was kind enough. No, seriously, tell me what you can code for 30€ per month?
Nothing than “typical hello world application” comes to my mind.

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