Travel Direction: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 17.02.08 22:44

So, I am now thinking about the trip in the direction of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. As of Bosnia and Herzegovina I can stay three month there without a visa, Montenegro does not require visa from me also. Serbian and Croatian visas should not be difficult, this will give the time of full winter that is better to spend in such countries.

I can go there via Schengen countries, cause I think that nothing will happen this year and I will get Finnish visa valid for a year with the duration of stay at least two month as usual. I do not want to violate the rules, so I will need to shorten my trip within the Schengen area and also I will need to spend a decent time in Finland.

This can be something like Finland – Germany – Czech Republic – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro – Serbia – Hungary – Slovakia – Ukraine – Moldova. However I need to do the proper time planning according to the visit rules of those countries and paying attention to my visa. But, for now, this is the best travel direction that I have in mind.

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