Deadline & Team Lead Position

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Deadline is the most exciting part in the development process. It is time when you feel everything and do anything and it is time when clock runs two time faster than it does during normal development phase.

And when you are Team Lead, all the senses are multiplied by ten, yeah, at least by ten. If you are bad team lead like me you just want to lock the repository off and do everything yourself instead of delegating some tasks to your colleagues. Because you feel they will either not do it at all or do it not the way you wanted it to be done and fixing that over will take time far beyond the dead line which is already far beyond the position it was several weeks ago.

I never cared and was never nervous about some project success. This is not what I feel right now. I need a medical care. Or I better need to drop any lead positions at all. I already refused a management position on my previous work, but here I thought that Team Lead is the technical one and it is really technical, but it takes a lot of your nerves.

Or I just need to get used to. And I am full of expectations about the moment when I come home where wine and cheese is waiting for me.

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