HKI Apr 5-6

Cycling Mania,Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 02.04.08 14:24

This weekend from 5th to 6th I will be in Helsinki. I plan to participate in cycle trip held by Helsingin Polkupyöräilijät (HePo) on 6th. This means that I will be free on Saturday 5th and probably the evening on 6th. If anybody want to join us/meet me or whatever please contact me beforehand, cause I do not have Finnish mobile number at this time and my Russian number will likely be not working also. Of cause I will buy a new number as soon as possible ;-)

I will come on Saturday in the morning or day depending on my plans on Friday which I do not know yet.

Trip details (Russian)
Trip details (Finnish)
Trip route

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