Weekend Cycle Announce Vyborg – Lappeenranta

Cycling Mania — Антон Марчуков @ 21.08.09 17:02

We are cycling to Finland Etelä-Karjala region this weekend Aug 21 – Aug 23. Starting from Vyborg late evening today, crossing the border tonight at Nuijama and camping round there to have a sleep. Over the weekend we will be around Lappeenranta and get back to Saint Petersburg late on Sunday.

Sine I changed my cell operator to TELE2, I am quite happy with the roaming prices and thus will be available on my usual Russian mobile listed on my web site. Anyway I am not sure if my Sonera sim card is working or not. Also I have one tyre half cut, but hope I will get to the Biltema shop on that and the rubber solution I applied yesterday will help that too.

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