My First Time in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas – on of the biggest world center of entertainment and gambling. The city where one can see statue of liberty, Eiffel tower and take a ride on gondola at one place. We get to Vegas by car from San Diego planning a trip for the full weekend. Since it’s getting dark quite early in Nevada and as it was recommended to us, we entered the city in the dusk. Without loosing the time we went to the Strip right after we checked in to the hotel.

Strip is the living part of Las Vegas where most of casino hotels are located. Strictly speaking most of the Strip as well as most of casinos are formally located out of the Las Vegas city limit, but it is just a small formality. We walked over almost full Strip starting from monorail station MGM Grand to Stratosphere tower.

Лас-Вегас Стрип|Las Vegas Strip

Hotel in Las Vegas is a synonym to the word “casino”. Lots of gambling machines and casinos are located on the ground levels of hotels . Hotel guests live on the upper levels. Most of gambling machines appeared to be complicated to use for me providing a lot of options and additional keys with unknown meaning to the player. I tried to choose most simple looking slot machines and in total lost $5 with no win. Probably if I knew the meaning of additional keys I would won, let’s say something, at least 10¢. But since it was my first trip to Las Vegas I went there unprepared. I need to note that depositing money to the gambling machine I had no hope or wish of the prize. I treat that small amount of money that I reserved for self-targeted loss as a small and affordable tips to the city which main income is gambling.

Most of the hotel casinos on the Strip are quite original. For example in hotel casino Venetian, one can take a ride on Italian gondola over small channels going outside and inside the hotel. There is a view inside the hotel on the photo. The imitation is really good, but the sky is static even if it looks photo-realistic.

Прогулка на гондоле в Лас-Вегасе|Gondola Ride in Las Vegas

On the north of the Strip the hotel casino Stratosphere is located – a tower of 350 meters height that is the second ranked by height building in the USA west of Mississippi. On the top of the tower there is an observation place that we visited to view the city from the top. Also there are several attractions on the tower, one of which is the highest attraction in the world – The Big Shot. Attractions were closed since it was quite cold in desert-located Vegas at winter.

Вид на Лас-Вегас с башни Стратосфера|Las Vegas View from Stratosphere Tower

From what were not possible to see at that moment I need to list a Cirque du Soleil along with attractions on the tower – reasons to visit Las Vegas one more time.

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