314 km: Vyborg — Hamina — Luumäki — Lappeenranta — Vyborg

Cycling Mania,Finland — Антон Марчуков @ 06.05.10 23:21

Last weekend consisted of three days due to holiday here. Those days have been spent on a short and calm cycling trip 314 km long following the route Vyborg — Hamina — Luumäki — Savitaipale — Taipalsaari — Lappeenranta — Vyborg.

The weather on Monday was nasty with 8 m/s head wind and rain of different power over the day. Before the trip I bought winter cycling trousers and jersey from Aktivitude collection by Biemme. Italian winter cycling wear fits our spring season well. It was almost never too warm for me. And same for too cold besides the stops. But it looks like that for stops one needs to take additional wear. WindTex layer worked sufficiently well against winds and the rain. Probably it still lets more rain and wind pass through than with classic membrane wear, but it is not notable during the ride at all.

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