Joy of Cobblestone Cycling

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One problem that a rider feels on a road bicycle is racing on the surfaces other than smooth asphalt. It seems that the only solution for this problem is to buy a more appropriate bicycle. But there is another way that is not that traditional and intended only for fanatics.

Rheinradweg really surprised me with diversity of surfaces. Besides trite asphalt and not less trite ground there is a plethora of different surfaces ranging from smooth panels up to round and not so round cobblestones. Feelings from tightly pressured slicks riding on such a surface are similar to a visit to a sadistic dentist equipped by an industrial perforator. The pain is everywhere and the gel is not a helper. You really feel what the guys riding Paris–Roubaix or the Tour of Flanders feel.

But at the road end when you sense that you did not brake and that your bicycle did not brake either the real feeling comes. The feeling of a great pleasure. Only due to this pleasure one need to do a cobblestone ride on a road bicycle. And now lack of smooth asphalt does not sound like a big problem to me. Since I want to return to that hardest cobblestones in order to complete them one more time. On a road bicycle of cause.

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