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As you already know I was on FOSDEM 2012 conference in Brussels this weekend. Unfortunately due to unexpected snow fallout resulted in several transportation problems I was not able to visit a lot of technical talks this year. I will have to catch up later on them using recorded videos.

But, there are still some things to report:

  • I participated in the OpenPGP keysigning party. This will allow me to completely obsolete the old key and fully switch to the new stronger one.
  • I also has been assured by CACert enough times to become an assurer myself. I did not passed new assurer challenge yet. I want to use smart cards for X.509 certs like I do it for my new PGP key. I will need to choose and buy a Linux compatible smart card reader for ExpressCard slot. Based on my assurance experience looks like buying a black light lamp is also needed.
  • Of cause I now have more cool t-shirts. This is expected from any open source conference.
  • And finally I got addicted to a morning latte with a croissant. I did not like coffee before, but now I feel a daily need. There is simply nothing else to do daily early in the morning on a cold railway station than drinking coffee with a croissant. Now I just continuing this practice, but without a cold railway station.

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