The Perseids, 11-12 Aug

Sky Watching,Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 13.08.07 11:40

The night from 11 to 12 Aug with we were somewhere near Kavgolovo railroad station between the lakes Kavgolovo and Hepojärvi trying to see the Perseid Meteor Stream. This place was chosen semi-randomly, because it would theoretically provide the nice observe of the needed sky area and be less affective to the city light background. And simply speaking, it’s just 15 minutes by the commuter train from the nearest railway station to our current place in Saint Petersburg.

As always in practice the experience is greatly varying. The morning was completely cloud less, but by the evening there were clouds on the sky. Damn. By the night most of the clouds gone away, but a slight gauze persisted. The light background was still there, so I guess that we missed a lot of meteors.

Walking lake-side we have found a place that is not that suck if both great and bright street lamps are closed by the trees. As you probably guessed there are not just the forest. Sitting this way so the lamps will not blind and closing your eyes each time the car drives near lighting up the road and affecting your night vision ability, we have reached visibility around 2m. I felt myself a loser.

During those 3 hours when we were able to observe around 15 meteors have been seen including ones of zero magnitude with long bright trace. This means that the trip was not a complete failure, but I expected something more. Next time I should do more planning. The dark places should be round here, should not they?

Weather & Lunar Eclipse

Sky Watching — Антон Марчуков @ 03.03.07 20:28

It is not surprising that Total Lunar Eclipse that should start in three hours will not be seen due to the sky full of clouds. I pretty sure that there is a region where it will be seen, but even if I will be there according to the Murphy’s law I would not see anything. What a suck, weather forecasters are evil.

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