Plan to Visit FOSDEM 2012

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I plan to visit FOSDEM 2012 this year. Actually I already bought the tickets. So, one can meet me at Brussels on the weekend of Feb 4 – Feb 5. It is even nicer since I will also get my new key signed on FOSDEM 2012 Keysigning Party.

New GPG Key 3E25796F

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Due to my decision to move to a stronger key and a smartcard, I released a new GPG key 4096R/3E25796F. This key is signed by my old key and I have issued a transition statement. With respect to this

  1. If you signed my old 1024D/FC4FBF28 key.
  2. If you are satisfied with the transition statement content.

your signature would be welcomed on my new 4096R/3E25796F key.

Important: Debian Etch Kernel Security Updates and Kernel Meta Package

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 14.02.08 0:08

I have got a complain regarding recent bug in the Linux kernel that Debian did not update the kernel using the latest one in security updates.

Release Notes is very important document that is not worst reading before installing new or upgrading from previous distribution.

Since the Etch release Debian has metapackages named “linux-image-2.6-arch” that always depend on the recent kernel package for your architecture in your distribution. So, if you want your kernel to be updated automaticly, you need to install the appropriate metapackage, for PPro/Celeron/PII/PIII/P4 it will be linux-image-2.6-686. If you have no such package installed, your kernel will not be updated even from security updates.

This is useful feature, however it seems that it produces a lot of human factor failures. So, if you prefer to update the kernel yourself (e.g. you have automatical updates and want to control the process, anyway you will have to reboot after the kernel update) you just do not install this metapackage. If you prefer the kernel to be updated together with all the other stuff, you need to install it.

If you did not read release notes you might have this package not installed, Debian still lacks telepathy support and cannot determine your intentions. Be careful!

Linux Kernel 2.6.22 and VIA Unichrome On-Board

Debian GNU/Linux,Software Libre — Антон Марчуков @ 11.10.07 11:56

Cool, in hope that recent kernel release will solve some problems with my cheap hardware I have upgraded to Linux kernel 2.6.22 using Debian package in unstable and surprisingly DRI started working. Actually I did not hope that Linux will ever support 3D acceleration on my VIA UniChrome Pro on-board video card, but it seems to be working now. Tux goes down the mountains quite fast. I even was able to run FlightGear with 1024×768 resolution, FPS is 5-10, but it’s quite playable.

Still have problems. DRI is working only on the first screen. XV is not working at all. Wine cores when DirectX game is run. But, it’s a miracle that the drivers from experimental branch works that nice at all. So, now new video card is not critical for my tasks.

DebConf 7, Edinburgh, Jun 16 – 24

Debian GNU/Linux,Travel Notes — Антон Марчуков @ 21.05.07 11:02

I have got the UK visa and already booked tickets to DebConf 7, here is the routing details:

16 Jun 2007 14.35 Helsinki – 16 Jun 2007 16.10 Amsterdam KL1168
16 Jun 2007 18.15 Amsterdam – 16 Jun 2007 18.45 Edinburgh KL1289

24 Jun 2007 06.00 Edinburgh – 24 Jun 2007 08.35 Amsterdam KL1276
24 Jun 2007 13.20 Amsterdam – 24 Jun 2007 16.50 Helsinki KL1169

I will have a time to walk around Amsterdam on 24 Jun, cause there are several hours between flights available.
Also, I will have time to meet in Helsinki at least on 16 and 24 Jun.

For others going to DebConf this year, see you in Scotland!

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 released

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 08.04.07 18:30

Yuuuhhuuu! The Debian Project is pleased to announce the official release of Debian GNU/Linux version 4.0, codenamed “etch”.

The main highlights are

– XFree86 has been replaced to X.Org
– Secure APT
– debian-volatile is official
– UTF-8 is the default encoding
– the installer supports encrypted partitions
– the installer now has GUI :-)

And of cause, there are much more new…

Helsinki Debian Meeting 31/03 – 01/04

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 30.03.07 16:49

Olen Helsingissä tänä viikonloppuna, pysyn ystäväni paikassa Espoossa ja aion käydä Debianin kokouksessa siellä. Voit kutsua +3 585 092 49037, jos sinä haluat tavata minut. Se on kuten tavallista. Toivon, että minä en myöhästy yöllisestä bussista ;-) Katsokaa teitä Helsingissä kuitenkin!

I am in Helsinki this weekend. Will stay at my friend’s place in Espoo and visit the Debian meeting there. You can call +3 585 092 49037 if you want to meet me. That’s as usual. I hope I will not miss the night bus ;-) See you in Helsinki anyway!

HKI 31.03 – 01.04

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 06.03.07 14:25

I plan to visit Debian Meeting in Helsinki on the weekend 31.03 – 01.04. See you in HEL!

If in good spirits (either after a good liquid containing a spirit or just in a good mood) I might also come earlier, e.g. to drink a beer, but Debian Meeting is what I definitely want to visit and thus it’s not so mood-specific.

Sarge, Testing and New Plone

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 03.11.06 15:59

We need Plone 2.1, but it depends on Python 2.4 that pulls new libc and a new kernel with it. Did anybody try to upgrade from Sarge to the recent testing? We decided not to upgrade to testing cause it will require to upgrade the kernel.


Vivat Debian! With a will-power we were so brave to upgrade the kernel. The server is in Germany and is fully remote controlled, so we cannot press a reset on it or get access to hardware console. But, it was upgraded well-straight using aptitude that removed current kernel, installed new one, upgraded libc and asked to reboot. Nervously we did a reboot and … no, it did not crashed, we boot into the system with a new kernel.

The last uptime was:
15:14:02 up 227 days, 15:21, 5 users, load average: 0.15, 0.08, 0.06

It’s a pity to lose 227 days of uptime, but, anyway we will have to do it when Etch releases.

They did it again with rus-ispell

Debian GNU/Linux — Антон Марчуков @ 13.10.06 10:14

Thanks to Agustín Martín Domingo and Stanislav Maslovski for patching over the rus-ispell package! When I was tunning on the mood to deal with it, I have checked my spam folder (hell, but the BTS notifications are often filtered as a spam in Gmail) and found that the package is already fixed out. So much thanks! I am really tired and depressed now, so cannot do anything usefull till somebody finally shots me up.

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