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As you already know I was on FOSDEM 2012 conference in Brussels this weekend. Unfortunately due to unexpected snow fallout resulted in several transportation problems I was not able to visit a lot of technical talks this year. I will have to catch up later on them using recorded videos.

But, there are still some things to report:

  • I participated in the OpenPGP keysigning party. This will allow me to completely obsolete the old key and fully switch to the new stronger one.
  • I also has been assured by CACert enough times to become an assurer myself. I did not passed new assurer challenge yet. I want to use smart cards for X.509 certs like I do it for my new PGP key. I will need to choose and buy a Linux compatible smart card reader for ExpressCard slot. Based on my assurance experience looks like buying a black light lamp is also needed.
  • Of cause I now have more cool t-shirts. This is expected from any open source conference.
  • And finally I got addicted to a morning latte with a croissant. I did not like coffee before, but now I feel a daily need. There is simply nothing else to do daily early in the morning on a cold railway station than drinking coffee with a croissant. Now I just continuing this practice, but without a cold railway station.

Collective Intelligence Tells About You

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Upgrade to Gnome 3.2 along with Android phone usage freed my hands in respect to social and cloud services. And I have added to the pool. And what? It is just a button press away in Rhythmbox and that is all. Almost everything is already pre-configured for you.

And by the evening I checked my profile and realised that with a few exceptions I only listen to black Americans and pretty French women. Quite a simple rule.

Native IPv6 on My Sites

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Starting from today all my sites have native IPv6 connectivity. As a matter of fact IPv6 addresses are there on my sites and services (mail, jabber, DNS) for a long time. But till today I had to use SIT tunnel at some places. Now Hetzner provides IPv6 subnet on its virtual machines. This allowed me to fully renounce the tunnels and get native IPv6 connectivity.

But it is not a time to switch off IPv4 yet, tunnel is still in use at my home.

A Hitch of IPv6 Space Delegation to End Users

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In my opinion IPv6 is well designed protocol accounting the problems of IPv4 and incorporating nice features of older protocols such as IPX. The design and the vision is pretty good explained in the corresponding RFCs. Small example is RFC 6177. I had a hope that there will not be a problem with lack of IP addresses and complex NAT translations anymore. But now I see that I might be wrong. And it is not due to IPv6 being poorly designed, it is due to the people who deploy it still thinking in v4 terms.

Few examples that I met so far:

Hosting provider giving /64 subnet for the use on the dedicated server.
/64 is a network with 18446744073709551616 hosts in it, sounds enough right? Wrong. Because IPv6 is all about routing. I can and I would want to have virtual machines on a dedicated server. I need to pass IPv6 addresses to them, but here I cannot route and should have a bridge with physical host interface added to it. But I want to have another network routed to me instead, so I can route it on the host to the virtual machines and have a firewall there. Just because there is no NAT anymore.
Discussion on Russian ISP forum about the fact that /64 is too much for end users (/128 should be enough, yeah). Or well if SLAAC will not work otherwise then /64 is a maximum that should be given.
Actually /64 is a minimal prefix for a unicast address in IPv6 and such a network has 18446744073709551616 hosts not because somebody will have one network with that many hosts, but to make SLAAC working. It is not a waste of the resources. it is just designed this way. And also there is no reason to assume that only one network is needed at home. It is only because in IPv4 it is hard to have several routed networks at home, but with IPv6 it is not hard at all. I would want to have one network for me and one for the guests or one for wireless and one for wired and I would want some separate DMZ network for “production services” like my VoIP phone. And I will want to have all those networks routed to me, because there is no NAT anymore. /32 that LIR receives has 16777216 of /56 networks, if somebody is lucky to have more than that customers it is possible to get another /32 for 16777216 more. Not much reasons not to give /56 to the end users. And those end users should not be better computer experts to manage it than now. Soap-box SOHO routers can do NAT right now. Manufacturing of SOHO routers that can route and firewall is no way harder, it is just was not common in IPv4.

New GPG Key 3E25796F

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Due to my decision to move to a stronger key and a smartcard, I released a new GPG key 4096R/3E25796F. This key is signed by my old key and I have issued a transition statement. With respect to this

  1. If you signed my old 1024D/FC4FBF28 key.
  2. If you are satisfied with the transition statement content.

your signature would be welcomed on my new 4096R/3E25796F key.

Jabber ID Transition

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As you probably noted my Jabber ID has changed. My new Jabber ID is

Older JID will be purged after some time. The reason for that is to remove the dependency on external services in legally unstable regions.

GAIA – Hosting From a Worker-Owned Collective

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While looking for gmail replacement for my personal e-mail I have found those guys: GAIA Host Collective – reliable Internet hosting services from a socially and environmentally concerned worker-owned collective claiming to be a worker-owned collective. Not quite a common thing, but very interesting to try especially since they have a good offer: 1Gb mailbox with 5 aliases and 5 Gb of bandwidth for $5 per month. I already tried Google and have a GoDaddy hosting too, but still want to try something different. Just need to prepare for e-mail transition first.

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