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Upgrade to Gnome 3.2 along with Android phone usage freed my hands in respect to social and cloud services. And I have added to the pool. And what? It is just a button press away in Rhythmbox and that is all. Almost everything is already pre-configured for you.

And by the evening I checked my profile and realised that with a few exceptions I only listen to black Americans and pretty French women. Quite a simple rule.

Generation “Next”

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 14.05.07 15:29

Yesterday I was listening my favorite Solveig’s song from Peer Gynt Opera when my elder sister came and asked me to put on “Anitra’s Dance”, “In the Hall of the Mountain King” and “Morning Mood” than. I remember that I was not so well culturally educated when I was eight years old.

27 января: «Джазовая провинция»

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 23.01.07 22:50

27 января в 17:00 в Новгородской филармонии:

Из цикла концертов «Джазовая провинция»
Джазовый квартет Алексея Черемизова г. Санкт – Петербург
Кирил Бубякин (саксофон), Екатерина Аристова (контрабас),
Алексей Черемизов (фортепиано), Андрей Иванов (ударные).
Солистка Ольга Абдулина (вокал)

По всей видимости, надо сходить, думаю, погода в субботу будет не шоссейная и разведать маршрут для бреветов у нас не выйдет.

Swan Lake

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 05.12.06 23:58

Today I was in the theatre watching this composition by The State Theatre of Classical Ballet of Saint-Petersbourg. It was a long time from the last time I’ve seen any ballet. So, I rather impressed.

I do not remember whether I already told that I’ve spent almost five years of my live in the dance studio of Velikie Luky town where I lived in my childhood. Athough the compositions we appeared with (at that time we had twelve ones) was variety-oriented, we had much of choreographic lessons. We even had a compositions with ballet elements, but it was danced by our girls only. It seems that we (men part) were probably too unchoreographic to dance that stuff unlike from our girls. Ah, and do not think too much here, I really danced in that studio and we really were on tours in Varna and Pinsk, but inspite of this I do not know how to dance and completely unable to.

So, today’s ballet remembered me all this…

5 декабря «Лебединое озеро»

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 29.11.06 20:18

5 декабря в 18:30 на сцене Новгородского академического театра драмы им Ф. М. Достоевского состоится спектакль «Лебединое озеро» государственного театра классического балета. Я билет уже взял. Билет в центре зала (а балет лучше смотреть именно оттуда) стоит всего 120 рублей. Кто со мной?

28 сентября: новгородская филармония

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 25.09.06 9:31

Четверг, 28 сентября в Новгородской филармонии:

Музыкальное приношение великим композиторам
(250 лет со дня рождения В. Моцарта, 100 лет со дня рождения Д. Шостаковича)

Камерный оркестр «Российская камерата» г.Тверь.
Солисты: Лауреат международных конкурсов
Марк Дробинский (виолончель) Франция

Заслуженная артистка Российской Федерации
Татьяна Скворцова (сопрано)

Ольга Орлова (фортепиано)

В программе: Д. Шостакович, В. Моцарт.

Надо будет посетить это заведение. Кто со мной? Берите билеты.

Discovering Music Playing Daemons

Music,Software Libre — Антон Марчуков @ 03.03.06 21:11

I was always too conservative with music playing software and has been using xmms for a long time. After migrating to unicode locale, the problems with xmms as gtk1 application appeared and I moved to beep-media-player. Now, guess what, I have upgraded to testing and again a crazy bug prevents me from playing music! BMP begun to mute without any particular reason, maybe when I open IM and other windows, can’t say definitely, but it does mute!
Thus, I decided that a time for trying mpd has come. mpd is meant to be run as a system daemon process, user can connect to it with specially designed client and tell it to play music using special protocol over TCP/IP network. I’ve aptitude-installed mpd along with gmpc client. What can I say. It does the job, it plays music, what else do I need? Last time I begun realizing an idea of simple interface that is not overloaded with lots of features. From a music playing software I want one thing – playing music. mpd+gmpc play music, so I’m ok with it. Of cause, I also want some advanced playlist management features that for e.x. Rhythmbox has, but, I think, I can live without for some time. Anyway the two clever solutions I see are: set up a separate box as a music server, buy specially designed music-playing hardware. First option gives you more control, but the second is more simple. I really don’t know which one I would prefer at that moment.

About gramophones and old music

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 04.02.06 20:59

The records in my current music have gramophone noise harmonizing a sound quite nice, ah, old calm music … does someone have “Ella and Basie!” album? I wonder who did that two Ella’s CDs and didn’t put this one there.

Мой адрес не дом и не улица

Music — Антон Марчуков @ 28.01.06 21:15

Мы поедим мы помчимся на оленях утром ранним,
И отчаяно ворвёмся прямо в снежную зарю.

Во, это тема! А ещё есть “Мой адрес не дом и не улица, мой адрес советский союз” и “строим БАМ”.

З.Ы.: но попсу вы мне всё-таки посоветуйте


Music — Антон Марчуков @ 25.12.05 18:53

Терменвокс – приятный такой призрачный гул. Ария Баха с терменвоксом вобще супер. Неспешно возвращаюсь домой пешком. Снежок. Хорошо.

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